Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ticketed beer events

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A few weeks ago, Founders had an online ticket release for the opportunity to purchase their much sought after KBS. Founders chose to use Brown Paper Tickets (bpt) to sell said tickets. Within minutes, the bpt website came to a halt and crashed. Numerous people were enraged that their opportunity to purchase KBS tickets had been lost (see the comments on Founders facebook page to get an idea of how enraged people were). Some people blamed Founders (example comment 'I know ive decided to stop buying founders. ') and others blamed bpt (example comment 'Brown Paper Tickets totally hosed this sale.'). What I did not see/read were people realizing that the popularity of Founders, KBS, and beer as a whole, as the reason for the headache that was the ticket release. 

Now, I do not fault Founders at all. To me, they are one of the best, if not the best brewery in the world. They put out great beer, fantastic people work there, and every visit I have made to their brewery has always been well worth it. Secondly, they can only make so much beer. I am sure they would like to make more beer, but doing so takes money, space, planning, and time. All of which are things that may not always be available. Which brings me to my objective statement for this post - you, the (fe)male beer fan, will not always be able to get every beer you want. It is difficult to come to terms with that (I still get miffed when I miss a beer release in my local market). But the sooner we realize that  KBS, Dark Lord, etc are just beer the sooner it will be easier to cope with being denied a beer release ticket. 

In the last few years beer has become so very popular that acquiring a beer release ticket has become difficult. On the one hand, I am happy for this revival. The more popular that beer is, the more beer options there will be in each of our local markets (hopefully), and the more breweries that will pop up to help fill the 'local beer' void. In short, the more popular that beer becomes, the more beer that will (hopefully) be available for all of us to enjoy. Sadly, this also means that some people will look to make a quick buck by selling beer or beer release tickets. Those people are the ones that I wish would be eradicated out of existence. 

In a matter of weeks 3 Floyds will release tickets for what is, arguably, the biggest annual beer party in the Midwest - Dark Lord Day. I wish you all luck in acquiring a ticket but I hope that if you are denied a ticket, that you will keep in mind that it is just beer, and that there is a lot of other great beer out there. If that doesn't work/help, feel free to vent to me via this blog and we'll get over it together.

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