Saturday, February 9, 2013

Out of the silence

Howdy gang!

As you may have noticed this blog has been a little quiet the last few months. I chalk that up to a few things: my wedding, the holidays, and my acceptance of a new job at a local brewery. Now the wedding and the holidays are one time and annual things, but my new job is more physically demanding than any other job i have held before, and i could not be happier.

I assure you that this blog is not 'dead'. Instead, please know that I will continue to update this blog albeit less frequently than I did in the past. At this time, my goal is an update a month. If I am able to meet that goal on a regular basis, I will try to increase the frequency to once every other week. Regardless, the important thing to know is that this blog will continue, and it will be better than it has been in the past!



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