Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheers to Illinois made beer!

Earlier this week, I came upon the @beerpulse tweet provided below.

Being a fellow who currently calls Illinois home, that bit of info really made my day. was citing the Chicago trip summary of Acacia Coast (the State Brewers Association Coordinator at the Brewers Association). Said trip summary can be found here.

In Acacia's trip summary, she shares a few noteworthy bits of info which are provided below. I've tabbed  my opinions to each point

  • The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild is already preparing for the 2013 Illinois Craft Beer Week
    • If they are starting this early (note - I have no idea when planning for the 2012 beer week started) I can only hope and believe that it will be better next year. This year's beer week was a lot of fun, and I hope the planning committee is up to the challenge of making IL craft beer week 2013 even better.
  • State rep Deb Mehl (D-40th district) attended the recent Illinois Brewers Guild meeting to learn 'about the breweries in her Chicago district, and how she can be of support to the growing industry.  She appreciates hearing about the booming industry’s job creation and is fully supportive of her district’s breweries, including Revolution Brewing Co, even though she doesn’t drink alcohol. Representative Mell said she’s always looking for good bills and is considering sponsoring a bill the guild is currently drafting.'
    • How great is it that a state rep of the Chicago area took the time to acknowledge the growing beer industry in Chicago by her presence at the meeting at Revolution? 
    • I really do hope that the bill the IL Brewers Guild is drafting gets her support. I am not sure what the bill being drafted says, or will say, but I assume it will be for the betterment of beer brewers in IL. That is something I fully support.
  • 'By Brewers Association (BA) counts, Illinois has 57 licensed breweries and approximately 67 in planning'
    • Perhaps the most exciting piece of news from Acacia's post. Even if, heaven forbid, any of the 67 breweries in planning do not make it off the ground, it is exciting to know that there are a lot of folks in Illinois that want to make beer here. 
    • Being a fan of beer made in Illinois, I am really excited about what new, Illinois made beer I will be able to try next year, and the year after that. Stay tuned!
  • 'Boosting membership with voting breweries and allied trade partners is also high on (the Illinois Brewers Guild's) list of goals in 2012'
    • The more active members the guild has, the better and stronger the Illinois Brewers Guild will be (in my opinion).
  • The first sentence of Acacia's final paragraph in her trip summary - ' Illinois has a thriving and vibrant craft beer industry, with a guild that is working tirelessly to support, promote, protect, and educate the booming businesses.'
    • We Illinoisans are lucky that we not only have so many great breweries in Illinois, but that the IL brewers guild is as active, 'thriving and vibrant' as it is. I am not sure what the state guilds around the country are like, but I hope they are as active as the IL guild is

So, here's to Illinois made beer! May it continue to be a source of friendship, fun, commerce and good times!


Kevin Myers said...

awesome post!! love to hear of the continued growth of craft beer in the midwest. cheers sir!

Ethan said...

Thank you good sir! What is the state of beer in Indiana these days?