Thursday, July 5, 2012

The homebrewing bug

I moved in with my fiance earlier this year. During the move, I had to make do with what space I was allocated for my homebrewing equipment. That meant reducing the number of bottles I had for filling, the amount of space I had for equipment, etc.. In the few months that have passed since the move, I have refined how my space is utilized (like a dedicated Tetris master who is fueled by beer), and I am now able to amass more bottles for homebrew. Since the number of bottles I have has only recently begun to increase in number, I have been unable to homebrew for a few months. I have not lost the desire to homebrew, but I have (temporarily) lost the means to do so. Fortunately, this past weekend I got a chance to speak with a passionate homebrewer who is relatively new to it, and who fueled by desire to get homebrewing as soon as possible..

This past weekend my fiance and I attended a wedding party for two long time friends of ours. One of the guests (lets call him Ted) + his girlfriend (lets call her Marie) are avid homebrewers, and Ted  knows I am a homebrewer. Because of this, when time and opportunity permit, he offers up his homebrew for feedback (I would do the same but I have not had a chance to homebrew since the move), and we talk shop.

At the wedding party, Ted brought three beers to share (which he did with great excitement)- a spiced Christmas ale, a lemon wheat ale and a coffee stout. I gave him constructive criticism (which is the best thing a taster of homebrew can do for any homebrewer imo), specifically, I told him that I thought the spiced ale was too spiced (a quality that Marie really liked), the lemon wheat ale tasted like Pledge, and the that coffee stout was my favorite of the bunch. This was in contrast to Marie's opinion of the beers. In her opinion, the order of most preferred to least would go Xmas ale, lemon wheat and coffee stout (she is not a stout fan).

Ted took all of the criticism with a grin and responded by giving me more homebrew to try. He went on to mention all of the new procedures/steps he has begun taking w/ his homebrew process (steeping the dark grains and roasting his own coffee beans for example), and how he has added a T to the water supply line for his clothes washer to a sprayer stationed at his sink (he says it helps w/ the cleanup). He also mentioned his plans for his next brew session - a black ipa. In short, Ted and Marie were two of the most excited homebrewers I have come across in some time.

After leaving the party to head home, I found myself excited to homebrew (I am always excited about homebrewing but I was more excited than usual on the L ride home), and doubley excited about the possibility of getting together with Ted and Marie to brew together in the future (which we did discuss).

The moral of this story is - if you are a homebrewer that hasn't been kicked firmly in the hind quarters to get back into it, go and speak with someone that is new to it. They will help you move your thoughts of homebrewing into the act of homebrewing.

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