Friday, April 20, 2012

A hefe- for the summer

The warming weather means a few things to me - bbq, travel, and refreshing beer. One such beer that I have been wanting to brew for some time is a German style hefeweizen. I appreciate how the style is light (almost fluffy), refreshing, and satisfying.

To help me determine the recipe i would like to brew, I've reviewed 'Brewing with Wheat' and I am using Piece Brewpub's Top Heavy Hefeweizen as a model. As an aside, Piece makes some great beer, but their German wheat ales are fantastic.

For the malt bill I am planning on using Vienna, flaked wheat, and a little bit of C60. The hops will be Hallertau for bittering. I do not think I will use any aroma hops. Instead, I believe I will opt for the yeast to provide the aromatics.

What I still need to decide are what type of wheat to use. Per Hopville, wheat has the following 'forms' - red wheat, flaked wheat, wheat malt, white wheat, midnight wheat. I am leaning towards using flaked wheat, but I will do some more investigating into the matter.

As for the yeast, I am currently planning on using Wyeast 3068 (Weihenstephan Weizen). I am curious how long it will take for the sulfur phenols to dissipate. Lately, I have been leaving all of my ales in the primary for ~10 days per the recommendation of a bjcp friend of mine. Perhaps a longer primary will help and remove the need for stop over in the secondary. Actually, those of you who have brewed a hefe' you like, have you transferred your beer to a secondary or have you bottled/kegged after primary?

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