Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick overview of 2 brewing philosophies

When I started brewing my own recipes I knew I would not get it right every time. I knew that I would need to revise each recipe to match what I wanted each one to taste like. When it comes to revising each recipe (and the time you revise each recipe), there appear to be two different approaches: brew the same style until you get it where you want it, or you can brew it every so often. Both approaches have their pros and cons. I think they are as follows:

  • Consecutive brewing sessions of the same recipe
    • Pros
      • Presumably less time needed to get a recipe where you want it
    • Cons
      • Brewing the same style over and over again can get boring
      • Brewing/refining a single recipe means you are not refining another recipe of yours
  • Brewing a single style every so often
    • Pros
      • Different styles available to drink at your home
      • Brewing different styles means you will create a base recipe for different styles of beer & have a 'square 1' for each style the 2nd time you come around to them
    • Cons
      • More time needed to get a beer to where you want it

I subscribe to the 2nd philosophy because I like having multiple beer styles available to try, and my fiance and I would probably need a nice chunk of time to go through multiple iterations of the same style of beer. What philosophy, if any, do you subscribe to? Let us know.

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