Friday, November 4, 2011

Grains & hops info project

I have realized after a few attempts at composing my own homebrewing recipes that I am not always certain how great of an influence each grain I want to use will impart to the final product. This is due to inexperience w/ the grain & the huge number of single-malt-and-single-hop (SMaSH) beers that could be made (I plan on making a few SMaSH beers next year) in an attempt to learn more about the malt & hop used.

With this in mind i thought it would be helpful to compose a list of websites that I use when determining what grains I want to use in my next batch of beer. I will compose a list of links broken up by malt and hop type. The resulting list will be posted here (my goal is to have a 1st draft up on Sunday). Hopefully it will prove helpful to you and your brewing ventures.

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