Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick overview of 2 brewing philosophies

When I started brewing my own recipes I knew I would not get it right every time. I knew that I would need to revise each recipe to match what I wanted each one to taste like. When it comes to revising each recipe (and the time you revise each recipe), there appear to be two different approaches: brew the same style until you get it where you want it, or you can brew it every so often. Both approaches have their pros and cons. I think they are as follows:

  • Consecutive brewing sessions of the same recipe
    • Pros
      • Presumably less time needed to get a recipe where you want it
    • Cons
      • Brewing the same style over and over again can get boring
      • Brewing/refining a single recipe means you are not refining another recipe of yours
  • Brewing a single style every so often
    • Pros
      • Different styles available to drink at your home
      • Brewing different styles means you will create a base recipe for different styles of beer & have a 'square 1' for each style the 2nd time you come around to them
    • Cons
      • More time needed to get a beer to where you want it

I subscribe to the 2nd philosophy because I like having multiple beer styles available to try, and my fiance and I would probably need a nice chunk of time to go through multiple iterations of the same style of beer. What philosophy, if any, do you subscribe to? Let us know.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Grains & hops info project

I have realized after a few attempts at composing my own homebrewing recipes that I am not always certain how great of an influence each grain I want to use will impart to the final product. This is due to inexperience w/ the grain & the huge number of single-malt-and-single-hop (SMaSH) beers that could be made (I plan on making a few SMaSH beers next year) in an attempt to learn more about the malt & hop used.

With this in mind i thought it would be helpful to compose a list of websites that I use when determining what grains I want to use in my next batch of beer. I will compose a list of links broken up by malt and hop type. The resulting list will be posted here (my goal is to have a 1st draft up on Sunday). Hopefully it will prove helpful to you and your brewing ventures.