Friday, January 28, 2011

The Ratebeer top brewers in the world, 2011

Earlier this week released their annual top brewers of the year list, and the midwest was well represented.
The midwest breweries that made it into the list follow below (I think I got them all).
Nearly 1/4 of the top 100 brewers in world, per the ratebeer list, are in the Midwest. If that is not a testament to how great we have it here, I am not sure what would convince you. Perhaps even better, the list contained entries (both from the midwest and beyond) that I have not been to or heard of (I do not think i've ever heard of the Kuhnhenn brewery). In other words, the list presents more excuses to travel.

On a related note, Chicago did pretty well on it's own: Goose Island (#10), Half Acre (#75), Piece Pizzeria & Brewpub (#82) & Revolution Brewing Company (#4 in ratebeer's top 5 new breweries list). With Haymarket Brewpub, Finch's beer company, and Pipeworks Brewing Company (all in various levels of operation) things are looking brighter than ever in the Chicago beer scene.

Now to you, fellow beer fans: what do you think of ratebeer's list? How many of the ranked midwest breweries have you been to?


Anonymous said...

Ethan- you missed mentioning Piece in the paragraph regarding Chicago breweries.

Ethan said...

Apologies! I made the correction. Thanks for catching it!

Matthew Bechle said...

You missed Founders (#2).

Nice Midwest representation in the top 5 (3) and top 10 (5) of breweries in the US!

Ethan said...

You are correct. Thanks for catching it!!

Mary R. said...

I must diagree with Goose Island, Surlys and New Glarus.
I would insert Hub City and Brooklyn Brewery.
From an Iowan currently residing in the gopher state.

Ethan said...

I enjoy the beer of the Brooklyn Brewing Company as well. Perhaps next year.

As for Hub City, perhaps if they had greater distribution they would have a better chance at making the list.

Thanks for your opinion!