Monday, January 10, 2011

The first lager

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This month will be a first for me as a homebrewer: my first lager.

I've been reading Greg Noonan's great book New Brewing Lager Beer, and I have been doing my best to apply to memory the numerous bits of info/advice that are scattered throughout the book. I know I will not remember all of it, but I know I will not sell my copy any time soon.

Back to the lager itself. I plan to make a chocolate rauchbier. The ingredients I plan on using can be found below.
  • Malt: Munich, chocolate and smoked malt
  • Hops: Cluster & hallertau
  • Yeast: Munich lager

I want to keep this a simple (i.e. few ingredients) lager because I have never made a lager and doing so will allow me to have a better idea as to the effect(s) of the ingredients on the beer as a whole.

Simplicity aside, I am really looking forward to giving lager brewing a try. I have been told that lagers take a while to ferment, but they are rather clean in taste. All in all, it ought to be a fun time.

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