Sunday, November 7, 2010

trial and error, and it's a good thing

Today I brewed a stout with the intent of 'converting' it into a holiday ale by adding cranberries & cinnamon in the secondary. Currently, I think I used too much roasted barley based on the aroma during the boil. It was used in proportion with chocolate malt (also 1 lb), but I think I will change it up next time. I mention this because i think it is the first trial and error I have experienced in which i don't feel bad about having goofed up. Typically, at work, in my personal life, etc when a trial and error goes wrong their are repercussions that I often do not care for. When a homebrewing trial and error goes wrong I have an excuse to try the recipe again & make more beer.

Yes, I realize this is all pretty 'thank you captain obvious' stuff, but since the aforementioned stout is the 2nd recipe of my own creation, and thus I only have an assumed idea of how it will turn out, I can do nothing but wait & see & review the results to determine how I can make it better next time. I find it to be really exciting stuff.

I am looking forward to my next brewing session with great anticipation.

The plan for next time? A bock.

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