Saturday, October 9, 2010

Belgian Dubbel brew day

I brewed the first recipe I ever composed myself yesterday morning. Recipe follows below:

2 lbs of Muntons plain malt extract
2 lbs of crystal malt 80L
1 lb Belgian aromatic malt
1 lb flaked oats

0.5 oz saaz @ 75 mins (4.8% AA)
0.5 oz tettnang @ 5 mins (6.8% AA)

Mashed at 152-ish, and boiled for 75 mins. This was my 1st boil +60 mins, and I had read a longer boil results in greater 'mouth feel', and hop utilization.

My concerns for this brew are as follows:
  • Too great a temp rise, too soon, during mashing
  • Inability to maintain a constant temp during mash
  • Too sweet a brew due to the long brew time + 80L
Some positives from this brew day:
  • Fastest cooling to 70 deg I have ever attained (note for every brew day after this: always get a bag of ice)
  • 1st 24 hr yeast starter cultivated & (hopefully) maintained
Next time, my goals are as follows:
  • Split up the wort into 2 different containers & try a different yeast in each
  • Think up a means to acquire enough wort to measure OG (I am weary to wait around and siphon wort off the cooled, exposed-to-the-elements wort

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