Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beer glassware 101

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Craft beer greenhorns (i.e. people who are new to craft beer) may be surprised when a bartender reaches for a different glass with each new beer requested. To be honest, I was not aware what glass style goes with each beer style until I did research for this post. In an effort to help others, and myself, I have provided the following information about beer glasses (fear not, nothing bad can happen if you choose to read on).

Below, I list the nine major beer glass types and a few beer styles that are often associated with it:
These glasses are not exclusive to the beer styles listed. They are merely a few recommended beer styles for the glass type listed.

There are a few other glass types that are said to be helpful, but may be a gimmick. Three that come to mind are as follows:
In the end, the beer you drink and the glass you drink it from, is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. So, do what makes you happy, and share your pairings with others (the good and the bad). They will thank you for it.

For a great reference, and more information on glass - beer combos, consider reading this essay at Beer Advocate. has their own glassware article which can be found here, but I did not find it as helpful as the Beer Advocate article.

Also, if any of you create your own glassware, and even if you do not, send us pictures of your favorite drinking vessel. We'd love to see what other beer fans fancy drinking beer from.


Randi said...

Those are great!

I know I'm a little late on this, but you said to share.

We ordered these for our homebrew club because no one wants to drink out of plastic *yuck* . They're very durable and best of all, they're large (15.5oz).

Midwest Beer Blog said...

That is a great looking glass! Where did you purchase them from?