Saturday, June 26, 2010

New pairings

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For some time now, a big deal in the craft beer industry is how craft beer pairs with food. This is a facet of the beer industry that has been realized and grown in recent years. Some proof of this is as follows:

  • Garrett Oliver wrote a well received book called 'The Brewmasters Table'.
  • Sean Paxton, the homebrew chef, is renowned for the dishes he creates to pair with beer.
  • Stone Brewing Company's Dr. Bill Sysak & executive chef Alex Carballo regularly host beer pairing dinners at the Stone World Bistro and Gardens.

  • In short, beer is a beverage whose utility in the culinary world continues to be realized by more people every day.

    I mention this as a lead in to a new idea for pairings. Beer + life events.

    No doubt I am not the first person to come up with the aforementioned partnership, but the beer + food union In the most recent issue of Zymurgy, Charlie Papazian took the opportunity to mention how a great number of his recipes are named after, or in honor of, important events or people in his life. Most recently, Mr. Papazian provided a recipe called Carla’s Oat Brown Ale which he named after his newborn daughter. If you are interested, the recipe can be found here.

    This past weekend my girlfriend and I combined beer with one of our favorite things: the outdoors. This past Friday we held our first beach picnic of 2010 along Lake Michigan. I have to tell you, if you ever have the chance to combine beer, a picnic, and a body of water (lake or river) do it. It is incredibly relaxing, fun, and easy to do. We were blessed with great weather, a hesitant breeze off the lake, dogs frolicking in the water, and the occasional bit of foot traffic.

    Good food + good beer is good, but i'll take beer + life any time.

    Anyway, I will provide some pictures from this Friday's beach + beer picnic. Hopefully it will inspire you to give it a go for yourself, or to come up with your own beer pairing. We would love to know what pairing you choose/come up with for beer.

    Let us know!!

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