Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Craft Brewers Conference (CBC)

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This year the great city of Chicago has been blessed with the opportunity to host the Craft Brewers Conference.

For those of you coming for this conference, or to enjoy the related festivities, I thought it would be helpful to provide links to listings of some of the aforementioned festivities, to some of the great Chicago breweries/brew pubs, as well as some links to bars that may or may not be hosting anything official but are worth a visit.

Listings of events and special taps available during the conference:

Chicago breweries and brew pubs that are well worth trying/visiting (in no particular order):

Some great bars that are worth visiting (in no particular order):
  • Delilah's - a bar that Michael Jackson, the beer hunter, called 'one of the most important bars in America'.
  • The Map Room - constantly rated in the top 25 beer bars in America.
  • The Hop Leaf - Another one of the top beer bars in America.
  • The Village Tap - a great low key bar that has a great beer garden.
  • Clark Street Ale House - a classy joint that provides great beer in an atmosphere that will make you feel important midway through your first round.
  • The Long Room - real laid back vibe, nice beer selection, and a great crowd.
  • Quenchers Saloon - free popcorn, great beer, great love of beer, one of the best bars in the city. A personal favorite.

While you may not get to all of these places, or try all of their wares, I hope you have a great time in Chicago (while you are here), and that you will come back soon!!


Brett said...

I'd like to see a follow up post with your recommended beers from this tasting. Always on the lookout for new craft beer to try.

We have our first rye grain home brew ready for tasting this weekend. Pretty exciting.

Midwest Beer Blog said...

Hey Brett, thanks for reading. I will have to post something soon about it I am sure.

Have you brewed your rye grain brew yet? I am curious about your thoughts on using rye in homebrew and the ease/difficulties associated with it.