Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kissing cousins

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Seemingly on a daily basis, Charlie Papazian writes an article for his page. On 3-25-2010, Mr. Papazian's article was on an Italian microbrewery called Loverbeer. Loverbeer was founded by a homebrewer named Valter Loverier who was a Senior Embedded Software Specialist before founding Loverbeer. With each beer Mr. Loverier creates he attempts to combine an old Italian passion and an emerging new one: he tries to combine traditional wine-making techniques and beer brewing. With his creation called BeerBera Mr. Loverier utilizes “indirect” fermentation because it is activated by Barbera grape must (which is the beer's main ingredient). More can be read about LoverBeer at a beer blog called Beer Chronicles which bills itself as being an interpretation of the craft beer world seen by an Italian beer lover.

Suffice it to say I was impressed to read about this for a few reasons:

1) Proof that creativity in beer is not limited to loading up beers with hops or unique ingredients. Don't get me wrong, beers with huge amounts of hops are great, but it is very black and white (many hops or not that many hops). This blog has touched on unique ingredients before.

2) I was concerned that the dominating trend would continue to be migrating from one beer style to another would continue (does it seem that sour beers are overtaking imperial/double ipas as the style of the moment?), and that creativity had become second to the number of IBUs in a beer or getting the abv percentage real high or low.

I am looking forward to reading more about Italy's growing craft beer scene, and hope that the craft beer itch will take hold throughout Europe. Speaking of which, I wonder if the Stone Brewing Company has taken any additional steps towards opening a brewery in Europe (first discussed by Stone here.

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