Monday, February 15, 2010

Flossmoor Station

For valentines Day Sunshine and i went to Flossmoor Station for lunch and some sight seeing. For those of you who have never heard of Flossmoor Station brewpub I encourage you to go here to get a quick sense of the place.

I cannot easily summarize how much I enjoyed the Flossmoor brewpub. It was cozy, tidy, old fashioned (the building it is in was founded in 1906), welcoming, the beer was great, the people were friendly, and we were blessed with some great weather during our trip there.

During our lunch at Flossmoor we gave in and sampled a few of their beers. Sunshine had their Chessie Cherry Wheat, I had their CHAOS!!! IPA and we shared a goblet of their Up All Night Coffee Imperial Stout. The Chessie cherry wheat reminded me of New Glarus Brewing Company's Cherry beer sans the bite, and the CHAOS reminded me of a fresher Punk IPA but with a slightly larger malt presence.

Their coffee stout was sweeter than expected for the style (presumably due to an addition of lactose), but it was enjoyable none the less. We took some picture of our travels (they can be found here). We are planning on returning in late summer 2010, but during that trip we are hoping to bring my sister and some chums along (if they want to go). I cannot wait for my next stop at Flossmoor Station!!

Flossmoor has a listing for what is on tap on their blog page which can be found here.

Again, I cannot recommend this place enough. The few downsides to Flossmoor, the city, that we had are as follows:
- Nothing to do (by admittance of the people that worked at Flossmoor Station and our own opinion).
- Eerily quiet.
- We did not have our bicycles to get around on.

In all fairness the above downsides can probably be chalked up to the season we are in (who wants to go outside for a prolonged period of time in winter?). With that assumption in mind i am sure that Flossmoor is a much more enjoyable town in the warmer months, and I hope it will be livelier when we return. Regardless, for what we saw, and experienced, I would whole heartily recommend Flossmoor Station to people. I would also recommend that you bring your bicycle along on your next trip to Flossmoor. It will aide greatly in further exploration and create fatigue which can conveniently be quenched by one of Flossmoor's great beers!.


Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl said...

A few weeks ago we went on a whirlwind tour of some breweries in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Fossmoor was one of them.
The bartender really knew her stuff and was extremely friendly, it was a good crowd, and the bar food was ok. However, the beer was excellent. We went with the taster special and got a neat placemat with lots of beers on it. We all ended up buying some to take home as well. Overall, we did not feel the beer was "cutting edge" or "risk taking" but instead focused on being extremely competent at presenting excellent beer.

Midwest Beer Blog said...

I agreed whole heartedly. Do you recall which beer was your favorite? I took a liking to Chaos, and their Pullman Brown is my current favorite for the style.

What other breweries did you go to during your tour?

Thanks for your comment!!

Jeffery A. Dobberpuhl said...


We started out in Minnesota and stopped first in Hudson WI. There are a gazillion little liquor stores that are extremely well stocked. We picked up a 6 of the Guiness anniversary (I was surprised to see any left!) and then headed off to Madison.

In Madison we stopped at the Ale Asylum. This got our rating as the single best stop overall. The food was extremely good (some local pizza company I guess) and the beer was amazing. Each one was better then the last, and the overall "winner" was the Ambergeddon. A very nicely hopped beer that went amazingly with pizza. They did a great tester's set up, and the folks in the bar area were very encouraging. Also, amazingly, they were happy to talk about how good all the competitors in the area were (They recommended Flossmorr and 3 Floyds).

From there we hit the Safe House in Milwaukee. We had the Code Beer and decided the Souvenier Glasses were at least worth it, even if the beer was forgetable.

The next day we hit 3 Floyds. It was a big dissapointment in service. The server was incredibly short with everyone. We asked for a taster set up and he said they did not have one. So.... we ordered seperate beers and then saw the guy next to us get a taster set up. We said "what gives" and he just gave us a very cold shoulder. Still the beer was amazing and I picked up two six packs of various stuff. The Alpha Wolf (if I recall the name) was the best but not for sale for take away.

However, one of the locals ALSO recommended Flossmorr so we went there, next. As I mentioned before, all of their beer was very good and I regret not keeping better notes. Still, I brought home a bottle of the Chaos, if I recall correctly. Plus one for the hotel, mind you...

The next day we hit the Grumpy Troll outside of Madison on our way home. This is a true treasure. We certainly had the most fun, there. Some of the beers were truly superb (The Jalopeno Beer was incredible) and they had a dry hopped cask they had tapped that had us all amazed. The bartender was really friendly and the food good. When we ordered a growler of the dry-hopped, he ended up killing the cask so we got a little over a pint for free. I enjoyed their Maggie a lot and brought a bottle home, but when I got home I discovered I got a bottle that had a bit too much of the bottom of the barrel in it. Sigh.

Overall a fun trip.

Thanks for your blog, by the way! Its the best! (grin)

Midwest Beer Blog said...

Consider me jealous (save for 3 floyds which i have been wanting to visit for some time)!!
I don't suppose you saw this: best cities in the world for a beer

I was surprised to not find Chicago on the list, but was pleasantly surprised to read Madison was included.

Do you have any beer related treks planned for the summer?