Friday, February 5, 2010

Dugana IPA from Avery

A description of this beer from the Avery website:
'As fervent  devotees of hops, we found ourselves on a quest to create a transcendental IPA capable of quenching our voracious lupulin desires. Our mantra became "unity of bitterness, hop flavor and aroma." Enlightened, duganA IPA was born: A brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.'

Avery is right on about the 'dank, piney, and resinous' bit. This DIPA is every bit of that, with less of a malt presence than Founders Double IPA (Double Trouble). I am not 100% sure about which of the three hops used in this beer (Chinook, Centennial and Columbus according to the Avery website) are the aromatic, bittering, etc. My guess is that the Chinook are the bittering hops and the Centennial and Columbus hops provide the aromatics.

Now onto the specifics:

Color = An unfiltered, browned marshmallow hue that sits beneath a cloud like head that maintains fantastically throughout the tasting.

Aroma = grapefruit dominates the aroma. Cold tree sap and wet crab grass were also noticed. I have not experienced a DIPA with as big a grapefruit presence as this beer. I do not have much familiarity with DIPAs but the grapefruit quality is immediately evident.

Taste = Before swallowing, the beer has a cellular membrane quality that encapsulates the bitterness and slows the beer's interaction with your taste buds. It tip toes along your tongue until you ingest it. Upon swallowing the beer the bitterness floods your tastebuds and refreshes immediately. The alcohol helps smooth the aftertaste.

Overall = I understand that beers of this style are supposed to be large in the bitterness category but I have come to prefer beers that have sizable hop presence with a malt bill that nearly balances out the aforementioned hop component.
I think this is a big DIPA that would be great at a summer bbq if partnered with pork chops that utilize a citric glaze (such as a pineapple focused glaze).
I am still biased towards the Founders Double Trouble, but this was an enjoyable DIPA that I would recommend to someone looking for a DIPA from the bitter end of the style spectrum.


Brett said...

I tried the Avery IPA at the Cincinnati Winter Beer Fest last weekend. Your review is spot on. Flying Dog also had a DIPA to sample but the winner by far was Founders "Breakfast Stout".

Midwest Beer Blog said...

Thanks for writing Brett. Was there a good turn out for the Cincinnati winter beer fest? Were there any beers that took you by surprise as far as how good they were?

West and Fish said...

Sorry for the late reply here (Blogger did not notify me of your post). I had never tried the "Southern Tier Brewery" out of Lakewood, NY, before and was pleasantly surprised. Their "Unearthly IPA" is worth trying.

You gotta hand it to Cincinnati, we like our beer festivals. There is a "Bock Fest" this weekend and another large festival near the end of March.

Midwest Beer Blog said...

How was the bockfest? Was it sponsored by a single brewery?

Brett said...

Bockfest is set up by a series of bars in Cincinnati's historical "brewing district". We had maybe 2 dozen breweries around the turn of the century but that is sadly down to just a handful (Christian Moerlein being the most popular that you might have heard of).

The really neat thing is that each year home brewers can enter their Bock for competition (we declined this year, still learning our chops) and the winner is invited to brew a large batch to sell at the following year's Bockfest on tap at local bars.

Midwest Beer Blog said...

That sounds like a great time. I wish Chicago would offer more opportunities for home brewers to brew on professional equipment. Anyway, am glad you had a great time!!