Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baume, Double Trouble, and another goal

It has been a good weekend for beer.

Half-Acre's Baume:

On Saturday Erin, Alex and I caught up while splitting a growler of Baume from Half-Acre. It is a chocolate rye stout that has a greater hop presence this year than last year (according to Half-Acre's blog). The 2010 edition is a nice improvement over the 2009 edition which I recall having a more pronounced rye presence (not a bad thing at all). This year, the hops are kept in check, suppressed perhaps, by the rye. The beer's aroma is of dark chocolate and dried brownies. Baume is now available in 22 oz bottles in Chicago, and if you can get it I recommend it.

Founders Double Trouble:

Yesterday, I had some time to enjoy a beer and opted for Founders Double Tirouble. It is a great imperial ipa in that the bittering hops and malt are equal partners in this beer, with an alcohol presence that provides a road for the malt-hops bond to travel. The aroma is of warm sourdough bread with hints of sandal wood and summer prairie grass. The color is the expected clover honey brown/yellow. I would highly recommend this beer to people looking for a superior imperial ipa.

On a personal note, I am going to make it my goal to update this blog more often. Ideally, a minimum of an update a week. I would also like to provide more notes on my homebrewing exploits, with more recipes, pictures, etc.. In short, I expect this blog to become more lively this year, and i fully intend on making this goal a reality.

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