Saturday, December 12, 2009

Delilah's 11th Annual Xmas and winter beer recap

The Delilah's 11th annual xmas beer tasting continues to be one of my best annual expenditures. Every year it advertises itself as 'the largest tasting of Christmas and Winter beers held anywhere in North America' and while surprising, I am always glad that such an offering is available in my city.

There were numerous beers to try, different vintages for many of the beers (Samples of Anchor's xmas ale from 2000 to the current edition), loads of people and a friendly host (Mike) who genuinely enjoyed sharing what he had with strangers (albeit for $20 a head). Regardless, Mike is a great guy, Delilah's is a great place, and the holiday beer tasting is well worth the trip, $20, and the wait in line.

- A 2003 Mactarnahan's Mac Frost Ale (favorite of the tasting)
- A 1998 Fantome Winter (Hivers)
- A 2005 3 Floyds Alpha Klaus
- A beer from Italy called Birrificio Del Ducato Krampus, 2008 vintage

Should you be in town next year for the 12th annual run of this event I highly recommend it.

Before I forget, Mike announced that their annual vintage strong ale tasting will be on February 13 (or 12th, it was a fuzzy mic) in 2010. So, mark your calendars and plan on having a great time!

I neglected to mention the beers I wanted to try but did not:
- Ridgeway's bad elf, very bad elf, seriously bad elf, and criminally bad elf.
- Samichlaus
- O'Fallon Happy Holidaze Winter Ale
- La Moneuse Special Winter

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