Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here's to your health!!

I am a fan of news sites: national, international, sports, weird news, etc.. I am especially a fan of news articles that combine things that make sense such as beer and personal health awareness.
Rick Lyke was tested for prostate cancer when he was 47. He was getting up in years, and it was deemed necessary to begin checking for cancers that are more common in males as they approach or surpass the age of 50 (prostate, colorectal (sp?), etc).
The test showed that he had prostate cancer, and he should begin treatment immediately.
The cancer has gone into remission and left him with the obligation/need to get tested every 6 months for the next 15 years to make sure that the cancer does not return. Quite a small price to pay for a longer life.
Since defeating cancer, Rick Lyke has founded Pints for Prostates which travels around the country advocating for prostate screening by holding/sponsoring events that marry prostate screening with beer. All of the funds raised at these events go towards Us TOO which is a 'nonprofit prostate cancer education and support network'.
Everything I read about the events sounds positive. It's an opportunity for survivors to come together and talk. Perhaps more importantly, it provides a chance for people to come together, get the facts, and hopefully learn enough to convince the attendees to get tested.
So, if you are unsure about whether or not to get tested, visit the Us TOO website ( and learn more.
If you would prefer to host, sponsor or make a donation towards Pints for Prostates get together, visit the Pints for Prostates website (
Here's to your health!!

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