Saturday, November 21, 2009

Half-Acre brewing company

For those of you lucky enough to live in Chicago you may be aware of the number of breweries that have opened in the last few years (Metropolitan Brewery & Half Acre Beer Company), and those that are in the process of opening (Revolution Brewing).

All are great in their own way and have their own unique story. Half-Acre has opted to host a weekly scavenger hunt in which they, or a fan, hides a token and the person that finds it is awarded with beer. The scavenger hunt clue(s), and the Half Acre blog, can be found here. It's a great time and it provides a great excuse to get out of your house and into parts of Chicago that you may have never visited otherwise.

Half-Acre has begun using their fans to create the clue and hide the capsule. This week's clue is:

Cleats and chains will cross here for lasting glory.

If you run into trouble down below just repeat these words:
"Well, come along! I've got two spears,
And I'll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
I've got besides two curling stones,
And I'll crush you to bits, body and bones."

The capsule is hidden in a corner crack in the wall on the north side. Remember. "Chicago Can"

If you find the capsule, call or txt Half Acre at 773 351 5709.

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