Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beer review: Bells Rye Stout

This is one that I had not seen on store shelves until 2 months ago. I was told by a fellow at Armanettis that Bells released it in place of their Expedition Stout (which is Bells Imperial stout which is a great take on the style). Bells, as a whole, makes great dark beers. Especially stouts, and I was hopeful that this one would be another solid addition to their lineup.

The pour provides little foam/head creation, but what head is created does linger.
The beer itself smells of cool dark chocolate, smoked brisket, and perhaps dark caramel.
The taste is surprisingly smooth, but it does not linger for longer. It does resonate on the middle part of the tongue, but the aforementioned aromas and rye fade quickly on the palette.

All in all a nice stout, but not one I would recommend immediately to others.

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