Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trappist beers and the effect of time

Came across this article from Ray Daniels twitter feed (Cicerone_org).

Some nifty facts from the article:
There are only 7 official trappist breweries in existence today
6 in Belgium:
- Achel
- Chimay
- Orval
- Rochefort
- Westmalle
- Westvleteren

1 from the Netherlands
- La Trappe

Chimay, exports around 45% of its 160,000 hectoliters output, and their beer sales help to support 95 lay workers and abbeys abroad.

It's a great article that is definitely worth a read. At the very least it provides an excuse to go out and purchase a trappist beer to help keep the tradition going (and to enjoy as well).

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