Saturday, October 10, 2009

Independence on the road fueled by love of beer

Earlier this week I was reading Revolution Brewing's (a brewery in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood that is getting off the ground) blog and came upon a link to a blog maintained by a woman named Teri Fahrendorf. Teri is a Midwesterner (now living in Oregon) who after 19 years as a professional brewer and 17 years as Brewmaster at Steelhead Brewing Company, quit her job and set out on a '5-month epic quest of beer adventure.'

By the end of her trip, Teri had traveled for 20 weeks, and 12,656 miles from Oregon to Maine and back. During that time she brewed at 38 breweries and visited an additional 33. She did all this with her trailer, "Big Buddy", and the desire to live her dream.

She has tags on her blog for numerous breweries she stopped at during her x-country trip, but I wanted to make note that she stopped at Illinois' beloved Flossmoor station as well as Goose Island Clybourn, Rock Bottom on Grand and the world renowned Siebel institute.

She also took the time to visit a few Wisconsin sites as well. Such as Capital Brewing and New Glarus.

I mention all of this because it is very rare for someone, at any stage of their life, to quit a steady job to follow a dream. I pray we all attain the courage to do so while we have the time.

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