Monday, October 26, 2009

Arlington Heights, Illinois approves a warm beer law

For you cold beer fans who reside in Arlington Heights, Illinois, prepare yourselves for a British invasion (of sorts).
This past Friday, the Chicago tribune reported that come January it will be illegal for liquor stores to sell chilled 'single-can beers larger than 24 ounces and single-bottle beers larger than 12 ounces'. You can still purchase beer, in various container sizes, but you must chill it yourself.
As mentioned in an earlier post on this issue (see that post here), other cities in Illinois have similar laws in effect.

We are big supporters of enjoying beer responsibly, and in a safe environment. We also believe that such laws, as Arlington Heights is instituting, will not curb alcohol related crime as desired. People will still drink, regardless of the temperature of the beverage. Instead, Green Bay, Wisconsin's method of dealing with alcohol related crime seems more effective on a per city bassi. Green Bay utilizes a 'no drink' list that is populated with the names of people who have three or more arrests/citations related to alcohol related disturbances. This is a preferred deterrent to reducing alcohol related crime because it incorporates personal responsibility more so than an outright ban on the availability of liquor. Is it a fail safe solution? No it is not. People can go to neighboring towns to purchase liquor without worry of a 'no drink' list. Regardless of where they go, they will always have a history in the Green Bay PD database, and sooner or later (preferrably sooner) they will get caught and put away.

What are your thoughts on this issue? We look forward to hearing from you.

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